May 7, 2008


What is a “bub”, anyway?

It’s a nickname given to all males in this family. The name started when the boys were young and then they started referring to their dad as “bub”. Soon, bub was a family term. Indeed, Ian’s first words included “bub”.

Were other names considered for this trip?

Here’s a few:

Big Bub Bike Blast 2008
Brutal Slog Across America
Ian, you’re on the front again today Tour 2008
“Like, oh my God, you’re actually, like, riding across America on your bikes!?” Tour 2008
I should be working on my dissertation this summer Tour 2008
I had no idea bears can run that fast Tour 2008
Geez, I didn’t know the U.S. was this big Tour 2008
GrandBub, why are you never on the front? Tour 2008
Jean, it’s only six weeks in the car Tour 2008
It’s really hot every day except when we’re being pelted by hail Tour 2008
I Hate Headwinds Ride 2008
I’m Never Doing This Again Ride 2008
Ride of the Bubyries
Six Weeks in Spandex 2008
Everything Hurts Tour 2008
Fleabag Motels R Us Tour 2008
Peter, you’re lookin’ kinda green Tour 2008
This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done Tour 2008

Bubs Eat Bugs

Bubs Across America

Riding with Stupid –>

Bubs R Us

Bubs Blow By

Bubs Across America = BAAM!

Where and when are you starting and ending?

We start in Reedsport, Oregon on Monday June 9, 2008

Trips end is planned for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware the end of July.

How many miles a day do you plan on riding ?

Our target is to average 80-85 mi/day. We have a lot of “targets” at this point and we’ll see how this actually works out! We would like to ride 6 days/week weather permitting.

Will you do anything else but bike??

We will also take time to enjoy some magnificent National Parks and other attractions as we travel. This is a tour, not a race. Peter and Ian are both “in-between” semesters and they have serious time constraints. Dan, on the other hand, is retired and can pedal ‘til Christmas if that what it takes. Jean, however, has informed him he will be riding “un-supported”(Jean is also taking her golf clubs).

Is this an organized trip or route?

No. We have planned this for over two years and the route is essentially of our own choice. We have often taken parts of the route from different sources, people and organizations. (see “special thanks”) We will stay in motel type accommodations when we can but we will camp when that is a good option.

Will other people join you as you ride?

Definitely, we will be joined by friends and family periodically. At this point we have other riders joining for Oregon, parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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