July 4, 2008

We are now in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the evening of the 3rd and taking tomorrow, the 4th of July off. We were going to view the fireworks tonight but the ‘gang’ of 4 decided to nix that plan and instead, relax at the motel. I can hear the fireworks but can’t see them. I’m sure they look like all the rest we’ve seen for so many years now. Peter, Ian, and I are all wired in and Dan has fallen asleep watching TV. It must seem like a very boring evening to you but after a day on the bikes and in a car, it is a bit of heaven just to do nothing.




Tomorrow we golf, do the laundry, and see a bit of this city. At night, we’re taking Ian to some drag race at a local drag racing track. Should be interesting for I haven’t seen an auto race since going to the Indy 500 in Indianapolis a long time ago. Guess the cars will be different though – probably some rent-a-wreck type of vehicle. But I’ll get into it with ear plugs and a glass of beer!




During the bike trip today, we took our lunch break in a park by a lake in the town of Twin Lakes. The park reminded Ian of one in his home town on Wisconsin Ave. I can see why. It was a wonderful time and everyone got very relaxed being in such a great spot. In fact, admittedly, it was hard to get up and begin the journey again. But we did.




We’re finding the Iowan’s very friendly. Farmers wave to us; truckers give the thumbs up sign. The back roads are in good condition but without shoulders. The guys have to ride in the middle of the road when there isn’t traffic . But there is very little traffic so they’re able to bike without much interruption. It will be interesting to see how we manage to weave our way through this state – what did the floods do to the roads/bridges and which of the many country roads will we take? By the way, I have a Sirius radio in the van and it is wonderful. I get to listen to my favorite news stations and keep up with the politcal scene. Since I’m a political junky at heart, it’s the greatest thing in the vehicle. Thanks Sue.




One of the things I’m so impressed with is the long lines of windmills that dot the horizon in this part of Iowa. You can look to the right and to the left of the highway and there they are, spinning away at will. They are fascinating to watch and when they move, you know they are producing precious energy that we so desperately need in this country. In fact, all of us have mentioned from time to time how Idaho, Nebraska, and Iowa should all have windmills everywhere because there is so much wind out here. It seems to blow all day and into the evening. It would seem the landowners could make a good profit by selling the energy they generate and the states, thus the residents, would be less dependent on oil. Having said that, the sun seems to shine all the time too in many of these western states. We haven’t seen solar panels to harness the sun and we wonder why. Maybe I’ll research this when back home this fall.




It’s late and time for bed. Must wake Dan up and move him to another bed. Ian and Peter are on their own.

Take care and have a great 4th too.



  1. Walt Koehler Said,

    Hey Guys and Jean!!! What a fantastic odyssey! Just heard about the website from Aunt Lou (aka. Betty Lou) and gang in Door! I’m both envious and jealous as it sounds like an incredible journey in mind, body and spirit! Will continue to follow you all as your trip progresses. Keep safe… enjoy all you can take in… and remember the best is still around the next bend or over the next hill. Happy 4th!
    Take care.
    Walt (aka. Walter Mac)

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