May 7, 2008


Before we start this journey, we need to thank a number of people for their input support and guidance. We know there will be others as the trip progresses.

Dan and Jean want to thank the following:

Family& Friends: As one might expect, our families and friends have been marvelous. We thank them for being tolerant of the incessant, obsessive banter monopolizing way too many of our conversations over the past two years.

A Special Thanks to Harry, for this blog site creation and administration; Anne, for nutrition input; Mark, for camp gear and a million pieces of technical information; Julie (our daughter) for Ian; and my brother Rob and wife Sue for loaning the SAG van and a ton of other great support.

Others: In putting this trip together, we have been connected to a large number of really wonderful folks who have given their time and input only because we asked. Thank you!

A huge thank you to: Preston Hunt where much of the western route has been derived from (see links); Carlyn, from Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARS) for her input in routing western Oregon; Sharon Todd from Ohio DOT (in fact all state DOT’s were very cooperative); Aaron for his Delaware input; Bill from Lancaster Bicycle Club for his needed Pennsylvania advice. Closer to home we thank “Stretch” from Nor Door Sport and Cyclery for knowing a lot about setting-up bike’s and gear.

Peter would like to thank:

My mother, for putting up with this silliness. And for driving the car. And for having the good humor to enjoy the whole thing.

My father, for all the planning that’s made the whole trip possible. And for getting into cycling in the first place.

Ian, for being a totally hip dude.

Julie, for having Ian. And for letting him do something this incredibly stupid.

Eric, for finally getting a bike. May we all ride together when we reach the midwest.

Brian, for coming along for a part of the ride.

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