Dan’s view from Bend, OR

June 12, 2008

YES!! We are in Bend Oregon tonite!

This was the best yet. The guys got it underway by 9AM (we are getting better). The day starts cold but dry no wind. I looked in front of me and I saw three guys blowing clouds of breath like a team of horses. Three miles into the trip Pete gets a flat. The spare I am caring (he does not carry a spare) had a hole in it. After the SAG wagon shows, repairs are made and off again. We start climbing. We climb steady for three or four hours then Jean comes roaring up and tells me that Pete’s chain broke (it’s brand new). So lunch was basicaly fixing Pete’s chain with sandwiches on the side. We climbed like none of us have ever climbed. We were always 1-2% and many miles at 6-8%. I saw 10% once. Climbing was the “name-of-the-day”. We started at 1,208′ and climbed to the highest point of 4,840′ according to my altimeter. Our total¬†climb for the day about 6,300′. The summit had snow on the ground. When I SKI in the mountains, I have nearly the¬†SAME amount of clothes on! Ah, yes, then there was going down the mountain! We have a policy of not exceeding 35 mph.. the brakes go on a lot. What saved the day was a beautiful tailwind when we hit the flatter terrain around Sisters. Had it not been for that it would¬†have been Sister’s and not Bend.

So what does the old man feel like at this time? Truely, I am lucky to be here. Certainly to be in Bend,¬†but mostly to be¬†on this journey. It’s great!¬†Am I tired? Yes. Sore? Yes.¬†I can not climb like these guys. I am always the last to top out and the first one to ask for a pace reduction. I do take my share on the point, I think. I am a very fortunate person! LIfe is good. The guys are great. Jean, as you would expect, is fantastic.

  1. Phil Said,

    First of all, I want to commend you all on doing something I could only dream of. I am with Jean though and would prefer to drive. You guys are crazy but having a trip of a lifetime and this will be part of the family lore. Looking forward to more positings and include pictures.

    We are all proud of you guys.

  2. Chuck Said,

    Ian….35mph limit….that means you can go like 140 right?!?! oh by the way ian, I think saturday i am going to ride in a drift car ūüôā its only $5 at streetfest

  3. Margaret Said,

    Hey guys — welcome to the West!! I feel your pain… and wonder what it’s gonna be like when we join you in WY and go over Togwotee Pass?! Crazy! Plus you guys are going to be so strong I won’t even have a chance… but I’m bringing my bike anyway. We’re with you on-line and in spirit. See ya in a little over a week!

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