Dan’s view to-date

June 10, 2008

Without question, I will defer to Peter, Jean and Ian¬†to provide the real commentary of this trip. However, you should know¬† Peter’s contribution to “stuff” (he did not mention¬†this?) is in¬†equal volumetric proportion to all that he took to Germany to live for a year.¬†¬†We are in Eugene, after some very memorable moments¬†to get us this far. I will let¬†others¬†tell the story. To-date¬†the entire¬†trip has been just fantastic! Certainly not what I would call “easy”.¬†Jean has made a HUGE difference. I doubt we would have made it to Eugene without her support. Yesterday, everyone nearly “bonked” at one time or another. Last night you would not believe all Ian ate! Today¬†our destination is Belknap Springs, camping?! ¬†More favorable conditions to riding; less climbing, smoother pavement, no rain and slightly warmer should help us all. Until later, thanks for your comments and support.¬†¬†¬† Dan

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