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June 25, 2008

Jean writes – As others have said, we’ve done a lot the last few days and much of it was sightseeing. Never having been to Yellowstone, I found it to be much larger than anticipated with outstanding mtn peaks, great forests, fast moving streams, beautiful lakes, geysers/steam beds, bubbling mud holes, and magnificent water falls – and the wild animals, most curious (grizzly bears, moose, mule deer, elk and woolly bi sen. It’s one thing to see them in the zoo and another, in the open and free to roam. I thought a lot about the times Dan and I took our little family out west to camp and visit a part of our country that was foreign to us, coming from the mid-west. Nice thoughts.

Dan’s sister Lyss, her daughter Margaret and Margaret’s two kids Emily and Peter, joined us in Moran Junction, WY. Margaret rode one day and Peter, several. It’s great to have them with us for this part of our journey plus everyone gets together at dinner, early evenings and early mornings before the ride. We think they’ll be with us for at least 2 more days. Nice.

I’m not sure if I mentioned how much it means to me to have the three generations of men in my life doing this ride. It’s beyond belief that all the planning over the last two years finally came to fruition AND that all 3 were actually able to make it. So, many thanks to those people in their lives who helped make this happen. I just wish the rest of my kids/families could be apart of this too. We miss you.

Now on to a swim in a Super 8 pool. Talk to you soon.

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