Reststop, Boise

June 14, 2008

Jean writes – We are in a hotel in Boise, two blocks from a bike shop. How convenient! Everyone is pretty tired and sore (the biker’s, that is) and want to take this day to rest and recover from five days of hard riding. I think we’re going back to where¬†they stopped in order to get Peter’s friend to Boise to the airport. Privately, I wish they’d move forward from here but since I’m just the keeper of the chuck wagon, I don’t have much of a say. But, we’ve completed one week of riding and only have 5 more to go. Can’t believe it. We’ll miss Brian¬†a lot but so glad he could join us for awhile.

We’re getting the news of all the flooding in the midwest and wonder how everyone is. Our current situation seems minor in comparison to what so many are suffering. We hope that’s the end of the rain and things dry up for a whole host of reasons.¬†Our personal plans are to come through Cedar Rapids but with things so horrible there, we may alter those plans and take a different route. Probably the local DOT will help us out.

Well, this is short – I’m going out for a walk to get EXERCISE so talk to you later. Love your comments and look forward to hearing from everyone.

  1. Matt Gaston Said,

    Regarding the Midwest flooding — I just got back from a long weekend in Indiana, and there’s widespread damage. 22 counties were declared federal disaster areas. In terms of where I travelled, Morgan and Monroe Counties (just southwest of Indianapolis) seemed pretty hard hit, especially around Martinsville. When I drove through there yesterday, many businesses were still closed and, from what I understand, SR 37 was blocked completely a week ago — there was literally no way to get to Indianapolis. I also know that a friend of mine who was going to be travelling by car from Bloomington to Terre Haute was concerned that he might have to take a more circulitous route (possibly having to go all the way back up to I-465) rather than take the usual direct routes.

    So that’s all I know — hopefully by the time you get to that part of the country in a few weeks, things will have subsided. You might want to avoid Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, however. I’ve heard the word “Biblical” to describe what’s happened there.

    Enjoy your day off and best of luck!

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