St. Peter, Ian & other small observations

June 26, 2008

Dan writes from Casper WY: A few observations before we hit the road¬†for Lusk WY this morning. Peter and Ian are still asleep and it has been interesting to see how, Ian (who, being the only child) has never shared a bed before on a regular basis) and Peter (who, as a child, often¬†slept with his brother) would get along in one motel room each night. In the beginning,¬†one¬†slept on the floor in a¬†sleeping bag. That got old in a hurry. So, with the aid of a territorial pillow,¬†they have made do on one bed. Both being 6′-2″ it’s been a bit difficult. But there it is again this morning, St. Peter sleeping ram-rod straight in 25% of the bed and Ian flopped in some diagonal configuration on the other 75%.

Having my niece Margaret riding with us now and then has been great and yet another small observation occured the other day on the road. For those unfamiliar with road biking habits (good and bad) the process of blowing one’s nose while pedaling 15-20 mph¬†(as it¬†MUST be done) is a pretty disgusting, messy process.¬†So, how do you know when a woman is riding with you? While underway, she’s the rider that¬†pulls out¬†a pink hankerchef from her back jersey pocket.

Wyoming has been yet another spectacular state with a huge variety in terrain. What’s worthy of note is the beautiful horses. They do not have a horse on their licesce plate for nothing. What got me though, is having unswerving attention of a couple hundred cows… that’s like 400 eyes watching you pedal by. I’m thinking that’s maybe 80,000lbs of animals. Well, some odd things enter your head… particularly after mile 60, or so.

  1. Harry Harris Said,

    Wow !! you have ridden by my calculations, based on the ‘red’ line, 1/3 of the way across the US. I think it is easier for me producing the red line than you all actually doing THE RIDE. What do you think? Well I am trying to think of some way to give you something to keep you going and a beer is brewing in my mind. A ‘bubsbikeamerica’ special brew of sorts with label and all. Any ideas on what kind of ale or lager you would like? Anyway the posts are great and it is good that everybody is contributing. Hope Lyss, Margaret and family are enjoying the time. Be well and cycle on . . . . . . . .

  2. Margaret Said,

    Thanks for the laugh, Dan — finally catching up on some blog entries tonight (instead of going to bed, which I should be…). I learned about using a “snot rag” while riding from Don, not another woman! Pink just happened to be the one color Don didn’t have, and I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t use his (rarely washed) hanky by mistake. So there you have it! Miss you all and sorry that last day didn’t work out, but we’re glad to be home. Wishing you tailwinds!! Love, Margaret

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