The Fast and the Furious: Boise Edition

June 18, 2008

Well, let me start by saying that Boise is a very hip city. I was actually surprised at how modernized everything was and how young everyone in the city was. Boise was far from the western cow town that i was expecting. With that being said, I have a story to tell. Being that our hotel was on main street, I figured that most of the people looking for something to do would end up driving past where we were staying. Little did I know that around eight o’clock every night the entire state of Idaho would come out with their cars and cruise the ave. until the wee hours of the morning. Not only was the main drag inundated with cars of all shapes, sizes and noise intensities, but it also rapidly filled with drunk and giddy bar hoppers. I think that the most surprising part of that entire experience was the fact that it took about half an hour of cruising (or three to four sightings of the same cars) for me to finally spot a cop in the midst of all of this chaos. The greatest part of that was the fact that about ten minutes later I saw him go screaming down the street driving other direction with his lights flashing and his sirens blaring. Well that’s about it for now. I’m kind of down right now because the hotel we are in just ran out of my life essence; COFFEE. Oh well, I guess I should sleep at some point. On the coffee note, the three bubs are now hovering around 2 to 3 cups of steaming joe a day. Today i am at 5. YIKES! Whatever! Have fun everybody! Catch you on the flip-side, of the Teton’s that is…

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