Mckenzie Bridge to Bend

June 11, 2008

What a day and what a climb the guys did. Impressive and they will tell you all about it. My role was to ‘appear’ frequently in case someone couldn’t make the uphill ride or had difficulties. As Ian wrote, Peter needed a new chain and innertube which was handled successfully. Many heads are better than one! And all made the mighty climb. At one point, I was off on a side rode reading but near the highway waiting for them to go by but somehow, I didn’t see them pass me. After a long period, I decided something must be wrong so made my way back many miles to find them, only to learn they were many miles ahead and I had to race to catch up. Ironic, for I’m the one with a car!

We’re now back at a very nice motel in Bend for only $50 bucks per nite. Again, we’re all (except Brian), in the same room and trust me, it’s getting very, very crowded and a little squirrely. For example, everyone had laundry to do. Bags of it. Due to impatience or just being extremely tired, they, the men, decided not to let everything get dry. Even though I warned them what had to happen, we now have clothes hanging everywhere…..from chandeliers, on bike handles and bike seats (yes, our bikes are also in our room), over the heater (and it’s so hot in here we’re sweating profusely), hanging from the lights above the only mirror and over backs of chairs. By the way, Peter gets the floor tonight but determined an air mattress had to be part of the deal. Smart guy.

So we have many laughs to keep us going and everyone’s in a great mood. But helping to keep us going are the great messages from all of you. We love reading them so keep them coming. We promise, soon, we will post pictures in the gallery and also, post your remarks. Harry, our webmaster, has sent instructions but we haven’t taken the time to decipher them. Sorry Harry. Goodnite and talk to you tomorrow!

P.S. the 2 girls that Peter so aptly described were something else – very, very nice and thankful they got a ride but I really don’t think they had a clue what they were up against. Again, the ole mom in me came out and wondered how their parents let them do this without properly researching the kind of journey they were on.

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