Dan’s view from Nebraska

June 28, 2008

First, about biking (’cause that’s what we do here). A few hard days of riding have put us in Nebraska. Starting with a tough 90 mile day from Casper to the Nebraska border. Great start, no traffic, smooth pavement, generous shoulders and a fine tailwind. We went through Glenrock WY, yet another small town that has it’s act together.¬†Taking a short¬†lift on I-25 until US20¬†split away, we set out again pounding our way to Lusk.¬†The bikers were¬†feeling the urge to reach the NE border that day¬†so we left others to find the night’s accomodations and we pressed on for the next 20 miles.¬†We were greeted with a horror show of bad roads, bad shoulders and a dicey strong cross wind. The last five miles to the border were into the wind, cold and wretched pavement. Next day, at the border, we said farewell to my sister Lyss, her daughter Margaret and family and a friend. We¬†treasured¬†their company¬†as they were with us most of Wyoming. Margaret’s son, Peter A. (Bubba), finishing off the Wyoming leg strong with a fine, gutty ride the last day!

So, we crossed into Nebraska, the three of us and started to enjoy slightly better pavement but a building NNW wind was causing problems. I could really bore you with details (if you’ve read this far you’re interested) but; let me say we all¬†had something akin to “enlightenment” when, at one time or another, our front wheels skidded¬†a foot or so to the right.¬†Scared? I probably was less so than the boys due my sailing experience. I’m serious! This strong wind (20-25, gusts to 30mph) the past three days has created big problems, as well as some incredable average speeds!

Next, one story (’cause that’s what you want to read?). So we are in Shoshoni, Wyoming at the end of the day, at a store for cold drinks, a chocolate milk. I am in my bike duds, spandexshorts, snappy jersey, wraparound sunglasses bristling with rearview mirror.. ¬†the whole smear. I come up to a gent (my age), Stetson, big rodeo buckle, shirt.. the whole smear. He’s¬†looking at the bubmobile with a slight smirk¬†on his face. So when he saw me I could’nt resist. “How’s it going, Cowboy?” Just like in the movies he pushes the Stetson up an inch on his forehead.¬†He got a kick out of that.. we had a great conversation. O.K. partner, I’m outta here.¬†

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