Day 5 Overview

June 13, 2008

Hey, we are back in the Wi-fi zone now. Today we made it to Juntura OR. We had to leave for Boise ID at 2pm, Mountain Time, in order to get Peter’s friend Brian poised for his early Saturday AM fight back to Atlanta and his family. We have enjoyed his companionship for the past five days. He is an excellent, strong rider and we have appreciated our time with him.¬† Actually, pedaling from Pacific Time to Mountain Time today seemed¬† like a¬† great accomplishment for some reason. We are taking tomorrow off, a rest day in Boise before going back to Juntura to pick-up on the ride we left today. Being it’s 12midnight and after 65 miles and 2,000+ vertical feet, I will keep this short. Which brings me to a point. I know many of you have expressed disappointment as to absence of pictures and other statistical stuff. We will try to rectify this ASAP but understand what a “typical” day is. When we get to a motel we are sore, sweaty, hungry and exhausted. Shower, food and sleep are primary. Maybe our rest day will be productive on-line in more details. We do have some great pictures.

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