First day in Portland

June 7, 2008

Peter writes: Mom and Dad arrived in Portland this evening via the Bubmobile. About an hour later, I showed up at the airport. Problem number one revealed itself within 10 seconds of his arrival: the van is WAY too small for this trip. Or, put another way, we have WAY too much crap. Unfortunately, the situation is about to get much worse, for tomorrow two more people will show up with even more crap. Our haul to date: two tents, four folding chairs, one awning, two folding tables, pillows, blankets, four sleeping bags, mittens/hats/long johns, down vests, three bikes, two laptop computers, 20-25 pounds of Clif bars, powdered sport drink mix, boxes of cereal, peanut butter, soup, baked beans, dishes, Mom’s golf clubs (seriously–that’s not a joke) and enough cycling gear to embarrass a bike shop. And, oh, tomorrow we get another bike, a bike carrier, more cycling gear plus even more luggage. And two additional human beings. Now all we have to do is, first, raise the van high enough off the ground so it will move, and, second, get it, plus all of us, down to Reedsport, Oregon, which is circa 2.5 hours from here. Assuming we make it, we’ll do the wheel dip in the Pacific. And the ride will begin tomorrow evening. All vehicular concerns aside, we’re stoked!

  1. Peter Said,


    Well, first of all, why the folding tables? just ship them home! Second, you know there are stores along the way at which you can buy food. Just a few thoughts.

    Good luck!


    P.S. Went on a hilly ride today part way up the dreaded Mix Canyon, and I’m finding that my 38-tooth chainring and my 30-tooth cog are not quite low enough for big hills. Mom says maybe I should get a new bike! We’ll see.

  2. Harry Harris Said,

    Well, this sounds like a movie in the making already. Maybe it could be called ‘Bub’s Family Vacation’.
    Since I once owned one of those type min vans know exactly what you are dealing with ( thats why they call it ‘Mini’). Hope your start gets off ok you will probably get a workout getting up to Eugene. I hope you can figure out how to log/export the Garmin route files. It would be great to be able to mark your actual progress with the google maps etc. Good luck and on to Glory and Bubmobile fame.

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